13 Top Swimwear Trends for 2022

13 Top Swimwear Trends for 2022

Already thinking about what you’ll be wearing to this summer’s beach trips and pool parties? If you like your swimwear to be as fashion-forward as the rest of your wardrobe – and why wouldn’t you? – then here’s the only shopping guide you’ll need this year. From silhouettes to prints to fabric types, we’re about to run down everything that’s going to be trending in the world of swimsuits and bikinis this year…

Swimwear asymmetry


Love to make a bold impression? Nothing stands out like an unexpected silhouette. A one-shouldered neckline brings a touch of artistic elegance to your poolside look, while a stylishly lop-sided cut-out creates a daring and youthful vibe. Either way, it’s an attention-grabbing style that’s well worth risking the tan lines for!

Swimwear Minimalism

Sleek Minimalism

Forget loud details and in-your-face prints (except for animal – more on that one below). In 2022, the chicest swimwear keeps things nice and simple with clean shapes and block colour. With everything else stripped back, the silhouette is allowed to truly shine here, so look out for on-trend shapes such as long sleeves or a high waistline, and choose a style that really flatters your shape. If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a high leg line – trust us, they look great on everyone.

Swimwear Animal Print

The New Animal Print

Speaking of minimalism, the always-on-trend animal print has had a modern makeover ahead of this summer. The key to nailing ‘2022 animal print’ is to stick to a natural colour palette, but choose a not-so-natural print with solid lines and only two or three colours.

Sporty Swimwear

Sporty Swimwear

Another one for fans of simplicity, one of 2022’s biggest swimwear trends is sportswear-inspired styling. Think classically-athletic shapes such as high necklines, monochrome or primary colours, sporty zip-up details, and conspicuously-positioned logos. The ideal trend for looking stylish while doing some laps of the pool!

Swimwear Ruffles


Not one for minimalism? Love a flirty and feminine vibe? Then you’ll be glad you know that there’s a 2022 trend for you too – flouncy, oversized ruffles! Whether they’re cascading over your shoulders, around your hips, around a low-cut back or across your torso, everyone’s favourite frills are here to stay for at least another season.

Swimwear Metal

Metal Hardware

If you take a more glamorous approach to dressing for the poolside or beach, you’ll want to ensure you pack a swim look that features metal hardware details. From chains to buckles to decorative strap connectors, a little built-in jewellery never fails to bring a sense of luxury to your swim look. It’s perfect for pool parties!

Swimwear Waist Ties

Waist Ties

Until recently, belted swimsuits were all the rage. But in 2022, swimwear designers are taking a more elegant and understated approach to the trend, with narrow waist ties. Seen on both one-pieces and bikinis, these delicate ties still work wonders to accentuate your waistline, for an instantly more hourglass-y silhouette.

Swimwear Underwires

Statement Underwires

If you like your swimwear supportive, you’ll love this trend! The hottest swimwear underwires this year are super-visible ones, where they actually form part of the design rather than just being included to enhance the fit. Swimsuits and bikinis with cut-outs that highlight the underwire are a particularly popular take on this trend.

Ribbed Fabric

Ribbed Fabric

After a global pandemic that caused a surge in sales of loungewear, it’s no wonder that soft, comfortable fabrics have really caught on. And now, they’re transferring over to swimwear! While velvet swimwear may be on the decline, expect to see plenty of ribbed swimsuits and bikinis by the pool this year. After all, why not be as comfortable at the beach as you are on your sofa?

Swimwear Nude tones

Nude Tones

Forget black and white, the new neutrals are skin tones. From cream to bronze to chocolate brown, there’s a shade to suit every skin tone and they’re all on trend. It’s up to you whether you want to pick one that perfectly matches or simply complements your own colouring.

Nude Tone Swimwear

Long Sleeves

One of the most unique swimwear trends of 2022 is long sleeves. It’s been a while since those have been commonplace at the beach! But we love that this trend both makes a bold fashion statement and provides some added UV protection. Stylish and safe, what’s not to love about that? And hey, you don’t need an itsy-bitsy bikini to look sexy – in fact, the perfect way to balance out a full-coverage bikini top is with a thong bottom!

High Waist Bottoms

High Waist Bottoms

Speaking of not needing an itsy-bitsy bikini, if you’re a fashionista opting for a two-piece in 2022, you’ll definitely want a high-waisted one. Preferably high enough that it covers the navel. Balance out the high rise shape with a high-cut legline to keep the look figure-flaunting – it’s a style that’s supremely flattering on every figure type!

Sustainable Fabrics

Sustainable Fabrics

Last but definitely not least, whatever overall look you’re going for, there’s one trend you can get behind regardless in 2022 – eco-friendly fabrics! More and more brands are creating swimwear out of recycled fibres, turning waste such as fishing nets and plastic bottles back into usable – and very chic! – products. So whether you’re on the hunt for a long-sleeved bikini or a one-shoulder swimsuit, by finding one that’s eco-friendly you can feel as good about how your purchase is impacting the planet as you do about how you look in it!

So, which of these 2022 swimwear trends will you be shopping for come summertime? Let us know in the comments section!

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