What to Wear to a Pool Party

What to Wear to a Pool Party

So, you’ve been invited to a pool party and you’re not sure what you’re expected to wear to it besides a swimsuit. If you’ve never partied poolside before, it can be a little daunting having to put together an outfit that’s neither completely for swimming nor completely for staying dry. How much skin do you show? Are you supposed to accessorize? And what about shoes?

Don’t fret – our pool party style guide will tell you everything you need to know to be both stylishly dressed and completely comfortable:

Pool party swimwear

The Swimwear

It’s a pool party, so start by choosing your swimwear and build the rest of your look around that. Expect most people in attendance to want to take a dip, even if you don’t, so if nothing else at least you won’t end up with soggy underwear if you get splashed!

Be bold…

This is your chance to wear your very fanciest swimsuit or bikini. Don’t be afraid of heavy embellishments, such as sequins or diamantés, or of a daring cut-out. You don’t have to pick super-glamorous swimwear – at the end of the day, you should wear whichever style you feel most confident in – but there’s truly a no better occasion for it!

…unless this is a work pool party

The only exception to the above rule is if this is a work-related event. If you’ll be hanging around with your colleagues and managers, it’s more professional to stick to a one-piece with a decent amount of coverage.

Unique colours or fabrics

Whether you’re hanging with your boss or your besties, one way to stand out without risking the wrong kind of attention is to pick out an unusual fabric, such as velvet or a metallic shimmer, or eye-catching color. Vibrant prints work great too!

The Cover-Up

The Cover-Up

Once your swimwear is sorted, it’s time to think about what you’ll wear on top. Because you will want something on top – to protect your skin from the sun, or to keep warm once that sun has gone down.

Assume your clothes will get wet!

Perhaps someone dive-bombs and splashes you. Maybe you sit down on a lounger that turns out to be wet. You can never guarantee you’re going to stay dry when you’re by a pool, so choose lightweight fabrics that will dry quickly. And don’t wear anything that’s dry-cleaned only!

Go for ease in a one-piece…

Pool parties aren’t the place for bodycon dresses or tailored clothing; when you’re not swimming you’ll be lounging around, so you want to be chill and comfy. And nothing says ‘carefree’ like a single piece you can quickly slip on and off between swims. A floaty beach dress, a glamorous kaftan, or a loose-fitting jumpsuit is all perfect cover-up options.

…or go half way

Alternatively, if the vibe is very casual, you can get away with half an outfit only. Think a bikini top paired with shorts, or an oversized shirt was thrown over a one-piece. This also makes a piece of particularly stylish swimwear part of your actual look, rather than just a base layer.

Have fun with sheer fabrics

While sheer fabrics are definitely not obligatory, they are the ideal way to simultaneously cover-up and flaunt your swimwear. Plus, what other chance do you get to go out in public in a dress that’s entirely crocheted, or a kaftan that’s easy to see through?!

If in doubt, wear a sarong

Sarongs are excellent because they’re so versatile. You can tie one around your hips to wear as a skirt, tie it halter-style around your neck to create a dress, or simply drape it over your shoulders to keep you warm.

Pool party shoes

The Shoes

When you think ‘poolside’, you might be thinking bare feet. But you may also end up spending time sitting at the cocktail bar, or standing around on nearby grass. So taking appropriate footwear is a must.

Avoid stilettos

Unless you fancy losing your balance on uneven terrain, or sinking into any wet grass that’s around, don’t wear stilettos! If you do want heels, go for chunky ones or even better, wedges or platform espadrilles which are easier to walk in and guaranteed to look summery.

Choose pretty sandals

While flip-flops are an acceptable choice for more casual pool parties, if your swimsuit and cover-up are on the glam side, you’ll want some decorative footwear to match. Flat summer sandals with an eye-catching detail are simply perfect.

Be sure the soles are grippy

No one wants to be that one person who dramatically slips over at the poolside. You’re almost certainly going to encounter a wet floor at some point, so whatever footwear you choose, be sure it has good grip.

Pool party accessories

The Accessories

Accessories are an integral part of any outfit, and a pool party look is no different. Just remember that if you’re planning to swim, you’ll want to choose a few statement pieces that are quick to take off (or can be worn in the water) rather than decking yourself out in numerous rings, bangles, and body chains.

Think sun protection!

Sunburn is never a good look. A big, floppy hat not only looks incredibly stylish, but it will protect your scalp, shoulders, and face from the sun’s rays too. And don’t forget a pair of sunglasses to shade your eyes.

Choose water-resistant jewellery

Remember, anything you wear to a pool party might end up wet. Metal costume jewelry will often tarnish after water contact, so plastic or shell beads are a better choice – or titanium metal. Sterling silver and gold are pretty tarnish-resistant, but this isn’t the right occasion for your most luxurious pieces in case you lose them.

And a water-resistant bag

It’s up to you whether you think all you need is a little clutch for your lipstick, or a big straw bag filled that can fit a towel, sunscreen, camera, and everything else you might be taking. However, once again, assume it may get a little wet and avoid fabrics such as suede and leather that could get damaged.

We hope you’ve found this pool party style guide useful! Do you have any tips of your own to add?

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